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General Signs

Includes: Various types & sizes on wood, metal, plastic, foam and more. Exterior, interior, sandblasted, billboards, banners, magnets, dimensional letters.

Illuminated Signs

The manufacture of sign boxes & faces, design, layout, re-lettering & service of existing signs.

Screen Printing

Printed on plastic, plywood and metal. Used for job sites, parking, real estate, elections and other applications.

Hanging Signs

Can be formed from various types of materials and hung from a post or wall extension. Fancy wrought iron powder painted hangers are also popular.

Vehicle Lettering

From motorcycles to large trailers. Graphics, lettering, pictures and striping on: Cars, Boats, Trucks, Vans, Semi-Trailers.

Free-Standing Signs

Also called a pole or ground sign, the free-standing sign is one which is located on the premises of the business that it advertises but is not attached to the building. They are supported by one or more columns, upright supports, or braces in the ground.

Wall Signs

The wall sign is affixed parallel to the exterior wall of the building and projects less than 18 inches from the wall. It can be constructed as a box-type sign with wording attached to the sign face, or it can be formed of individual letters and mounted directly on the building.

Dimensional Signs

These signs help give attention to lettering by projecting out to give them a 3-D look. This lettering can be used for focal signs or even address numbering.

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